Planting Flowers To Help The Environment

As women, we are expected to be more nurturing and care more about the condition of our planet than the other sex. It’s a gross generalization, but like it or not, women are frequently expected to take the lead in living a greener lifestyle. One of the pastimes that fit this stereotype is gardening. Gardening is considered the idle hobby of the woman who’s quietly raised her kids and now has extra time to care for a garden. The truth is, many busy, active people can gain great benefit from gardening, and support the environment as well.

Plants and flowers are good for the environment and good for the human race. Plants absorb harmful carbon monoxide and give off plenty of life-giving oxygen. A well-tended garden with a plentiful variety of flowering plants looks and feels good to anyone who admires nature and loves beautiful things. Instead of buying flowers, herbs and vegetables, the mass production of these plants consumes the earth’s natural resources; a person can use these plants to supplement their lifestyle by growing them in their backyard. Growing flowers and plants sets a great example to our kids of how to live a more natural, greener lifestyle.

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