Recycling Your Plastics, Papers and Aluminum Correctly

We have been encouraged to recycle for several years now. the more you do it, the easier it gets. You may have curbside pick up of sorted items, or you may have single stream recycling pick up. Many communities have consumers sort their recyclables by rules set by the recyclable buyers.

Your public works department will have lists of approved recyclables available for your specific locale, and bins to put items in. It is good manners as well as good sense to rinse out food containers. If you can, flatten cans and boxes so that more fits in a smaller space. Your community may not recycle all types of plastics, for instance we have a bin for milk jugs, a bin for 1 plastic and a bin for 2. Check the bottom of the plastic item for a triangle with a number so that you will know for sure. If required, sort glass by colors. Abide by posted restrictions. Put newspapers in one place, glossies in another.

Please, if you go to the trouble to recycle, take the items out of the plastic bags!! This is a contaminant in as much as 10 of recycled materials. Be a good neighbor and follow the rules.

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